Sunmer Outfit Inspo 🌊🐚

We love a denim & maxi skirt duo! 🌊🌴

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Hey, What's Up, Hello!

Welcome to Famous|Elle, your go-to womens boutique for finding trendy + affordable pieces to match your inner glow & that go-getter mentality. Come see us at our storefront located in Big Spring, Texas, we would love to meet ya!

Also, our original Instagram from 2017 was disabled on September 8 of 2022, and we are devastated. But we are still open in-store and on Facebook!

PLEASE follow our new account, @famous__ellellc, Thank you so much for your support!

Trucker Hat SZN

We love us a good trucker hat, specifically these!

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Boho Summer 🌴🥥🌞

Find us in this must-have summer dress! 🌞

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